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Steve Playing in Thailand Tournament

Hi Guys! My name is Steve and I grew up with a great passion for badminton.

Born in Northern Ireland, my mother and father introduced me to badminton at the age of 5. Being great players themselves and coaching me the basics, I was able to develop my own skills and become a pretty good player, if I do say so myself.

As a child I played several sports, such as hockey, tennis and football, but I loved badminton more. So that’s what I focused on. When I was 13, I was selected to join the Ulster Badminton squad and trained with some of the best players in Ireland. Although I didn’t make it to a professional level, I played hard and enjoyed the competitive spirit associated with the game.

Now a bit older and living in Thailand, I still love badminton and play most nights of the week against Ex-Thailand badminton professionals and intermediate players.


Why Build a Badminton Product Review Website?

One thing I have always been surprised at is the lack of badminton products review websites. The ones that I have come across lack up-to-date reviews on current products or poor review details.

It’s very hard to choose a good racket from the shop floor when you don’t have much information about the product. Most of the shops don’t allow you to have a hit with the racket or take the plastic cover off the racket to get a true feel of it.

The same goes for badminton shoes. We can try them on in the shop, but how do we know if they are going to fall apart within a week or holes start to appear when we lunge.

Even though there are so many badminton rackets, shoes and accessories in the market, we tend to copy what our friends use because that’s the only review we have of a product.

That’s why I developed www.badmintonreviewer.com.

We give our readers reviews on the latest products from badminton players.

All of the reviews on www.badmintonreviewer.com have been written from information gathered from a group of players lending their expertise and knowledge of the game. We collect data from professional and amateur players, therefore giving a fair assessment of the product to our readers.

These days, there are so many fake products available online and even in stores. These products are both dangerous and do not match the specifications of the original product. That’s why we offer a service whereby, if you like a product you viewed and you would like to purchase it; we connect you with an authorized dealer that only deals with original badminton products.

My team of reviewers have a real passion for badminton and enjoy talking about badminton rackets, badminton shoes and the game itself.

We hope that you find our site helpful, fun and informative.

Play Like A Champion!

Founder, Badminton Reviewer.